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EPSA 2019 Final Events & Award Ceremony

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When Standards and Harmonisation are Missing. The Road to European Public Sector Accounting Standards (EPSAS). Barcelona, 11-12 December 2018


Join us in Barcelona on 11 and 12 December next to learn more about the EPSAS.

This open enrolment seminar deals with issues such as PAR, change accounting management, transparency, etc. and includes best practices stemming from the European Public Sector Award scheme (former participants or front-runners such as Barcelona, Hamburg, Amsterdam, etc.).

The European Public Sector is faced with continued challenges such as tighter budgets, fast-paced demographic and technological transformations. Government financial sustainability remains key to keep up with all these changes. However, there is often a lack of transparency and accountability in public finances, which creates problems for decision-making as well as for accountability and democratic scrutiny all over the EU.

For this reason, the European Commission is working together with the Member States on the European Public Sector Accounting Standards (EPSAS), a forward-looking reform to improve accountability and decision-making that should provide a complementary view of the impact of investments, which will enable better financial management of assets and liabilities.

Are you interested in following the road to more public financial efficiency?

Would you like to know how to maximize benefits (e.g. money saving) by implementing EPSAS?

Or learn from other front-runners on the what and how to do such a journey?


Have a look at the entire programme details and register here