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Seminar on citizen involvement: Come to Dortmund on 13-14 May to discuss with and learn from EPSA awardees


Citizen Involvement — the Key to Achieving your Local Policy Goals?

This seminar will provide you with unique insight into three stand-out cases which won prizes and special recognition at the European Public Sector Award (EPSA; www.epsa2017.eu ) and which successfully involved citizens across different policy areas, with demonstrable results in the achievement of their local policy goals:

  • The City of Dortmund as EPSA 2017 winner with the project ‘Nordwärts’; this was a shining example of how citizen involvement and co-creation can revitalise a city district that had been suffering from marginalisation, unemployment, and a lack of infrastructure;
  • The City of Breda as EPSA nominee with the project ‘Robby the Rat’ as an innovative case for involving the education sector in increasing awareness of the need for efficient water management;
  • The Dublin North Central Police Service as EPSA nominee with the project ‘Improved Customer-Oriented Policing in an Age of Austerity’ as an outstanding case demonstrating how citizen involvement and a needs-based approach can give rise to substantial performance improvements

Through the in-depth case studies and the site visits, you will gain a detailed and practical understanding of the initial challenges and processes behind the cases and be able to compare them to your own contexts. 

Discuss and improve your own cases! You can then apply this experience and the experts’ feedback in shaping your own implementation plan for citizen involvement for your own project(s) and learn how to involve citizens strategically in the delivery of your local policies.

Come to Dortmund and take this one-off opportunity to learn from pan-European award-winning case studies and the practical experience of citizen involvement. Register now at https://www.eipa.eu/product/citizen-involvement/