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EPSA 2019 Final Events & Award Ceremony

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Selection of the EPSA 2019 Award Nominees


The EPSA 2019 Nominees have been selected across the three award categories by a high-level jury.  

European/National Category 

  • EPSA2019048 iSupport, submitted by the Hague Conference on Private International Law (HCHC)
  • EPSA2019096 Simplex+ Program, submitted by the Portuguese Administrative Modernisation Agency
  • EPSA2019137 Mission Dementia, submitted by the Austrian Federal Ministry of the Interior

Regional Category

  • EPSA2019049 Aha Plus, submitted by the Vorarlberg Federal Government
  • EPSA2019088 Groeipakket, submitted by Kind en Gezin, Flanders
  • EPSA2019134 Malopolska Empathetic Culture, Making culture accessible for everyone, submitted by the Department of Culture and National Heritage, Marshal’s Office of the Malopolska region

Supra-local and Local Category 

  • EPSA129 Rooftop Gardens, submitted by the Municipal Institute for People with Disabilities, Barcelona
  • EPSA2019133 Zero Trust Architecture, submitted by the City of Kristiansund
  • EPSA2019140 Rotterdam Business Case, submitted by the City of Rotterdam

The EPSA 2019 Team presents its congratulations to all EPSA 2019 Award Nominees!