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EPSA 2019 is coming soon!

19 December 2018

Dear EPSA Friends,

As you can imagine, the EPSA Team at the European Institute of Public Administration are very busy preparing the next edition of the European Public Sector Award - EPSA 2019 that will be launched in February 2019. You will be informed in the next Newsletter 
of the exact date of the opening of the application period, the theme(s) selected for EPSA 2019, the evaluation criteria and other relevant aspects. A new website will also be designed for the EPSA 2019 and will be online before the launch.

At this stage, we are glad to announce that EIPA has once again succeeded in getting support from the European Commission, through its Structural Reform Support Service (SRSS), as well as from a number of European countries that are thus the EPSA 2019 Official Partners. As such, these partners will have a representative with a voice and a vote in the EPSA 2019 Steering Committee. This SC will meet at the end of January in Maastricht to discuss and decide on the EPSA 2019 theme(s), categories, possible special prize and other important issues regarding the implementation of this award scheme.

Last but not least, we would like to wish you and your family a relaxing and happy Christmas holiday. 2019 will be a challenging year for the EPSA Team as we are looking for innovative and inspiring public sector good practices that can be replicated elsewhere once adapted to the specific context. 2019 will also be challenging for you since many of you will for sure submit a project to this EPSA edition and hope for the best. Whatever the outcome will be, one thing is sure: by submitting a project you will get visibility in Europe and stand your chance to get recognition in the European public sector arena.

We'll get in touch with you in the new year with more information on the EPSA 2019.

The EPSA Team at EIPA

Keep on checking for updates!

The EPSA brings together the best, most innovative and efficient performers from the European public sector. Outstanding administrative performances are, after all, produced under different conditions within Europe.

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