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11 March 2019

Dear EPSA friends,

As you know, we launched EPSA 2019 on 25 February and are now busy disseminating information about EPSA 2019 in various Info Days, info sessions and electronically to give all public administrations in Europe the chance to know about this award and to apply. For instance, we just kicked-off our Info Days with a wonderful EPSA breakfast that took place in Vienna last Wednesday. 

Perhaps you also have colleagues who are interested in applying to EPSA 2019 and still have some questions about the theme or procedure. If that is the case, here are some events that may be interesting for them or for you:

EPSA 2019 webinar, 21 March at 12.00-13.00 CET

Do you want to get first-hand information about the EPSA 2019 and how to apply?

Then join our webinar on 21 March at 12.00-13.00 CET and learn all about the EPSA 2019 theme, the application and evaluation process as well as hints for writing a successful application and ask your questions live to the EPSA 2019 Team. 

Just send an email to for registering. Places will be given on a first come first served basis.

EPSA 2019 on-site Info Days and sessions & upcoming knowledge-transfer events 

Barcelona, 13-14 March 

EPSA 2019 will be presented during the 5th International EPSA Knowledge-Transfer Conference on “Breaking Silos for Better Service Delivery: How to Build Sustained Partnerships between the Public Sector and Entrepreneurs”, where several EPSA champions will present their achievements in four distinct panels. More than 120 representatives from 15 countries have already registered.

Brussels, 19 March (closed event)

EPSA Knowledge-Transfer event on “Strengthening Co-working and Digital Government : Internal and External value” for the Belgian civil service, where the EPSA 2017 nominees Vensters and Digital Justice will present their cases and EPSA 2019 project leader Michael Burnett will present the lessons from EPSA 2017 and announce EPSA 2019.

Dortmund, 13-14 May

EIPA seminar: Citizen Involvement — the Key to Achieving your Local Policy Goals?

Interactive seminar combining site visits and in-depth examination of the three stand-out cases

  • The City of Dortmund as EPSA 2017 winner with the project ‘Nordwärts’; this was a shining example of how citizen involvement and co-creation can revitalise a city district that had been suffering from marginalisation, unemployment, and a lack of infrastructure;
  • The City of Breda as EPSA nominee with the project ‘Robby the Rat’ as an innovative case for involving the education sector in increasing awareness of the need for efficient water management;
  • The Dublin North Central Police Service as EPSA nominee with the project ‘Improved Customer-Oriented Policing in an Age of Austerity’ as an outstanding case demonstrating how citizen involvement and a needs-based approach can give rise to substantial performance improvements.

Keep on checking for updates!

The EPSA brings together the best, most innovative and efficient performers from the European public sector. Outstanding administrative performances are, after all, produced under different conditions within Europe.

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