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EPSA 2019 Final Events & Award Ceremony

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EPSA application process

In order to apply for the EPSA 2019 the following steps needed to be followed:

1) Register on the EPSA website (in the box Register and LOGIN)
2) You will receive an e-mail with log-in data
3) Complete and submit the online application form
4) You will receive an e-mail confirmation of application receipt and a notification of application processing.

With your log-in data you will be able to process your application:

  • Save draft application: the application will be saved and it is possible to re-enter the application form with your log-in information and edit your data;
  • Final Submission: once the "Final Submission" button has been clicked, the application will be saved and locked; you will no longer be able to make any changes. A notification e-mail will be sent to you and a message to the system administrator for eligibility check.

5) Eligibility check by EIPA
6) If yes, email notification + allocation of EPSA registration number
7) If not, you will be informed of the reasons why your application is not eligible.
8) The evaluation phase begins.

For more information the GUIDE FOR APPLICANTS could be checked.


The eligible submitted projects will be first evaluated online (20-31 May) and then discussed during the consensus meeting at EIPA Maastricht on 13/14 June. At the end of the consensus meeting, we will have a list of projects that will receive a Best Practice Certificate (BPC) and also a short list of projects that are nominee candidates and that will be visited onsite for validation purposes.

If your project is a BPC project or is a nominee candidate, you will be informed directly and immediately. If not, you will nevertheless receive an email from us.

The list of BPC projects, including the nominee candidates, will be published on our website on Monday 17 of June and will be attached to several communication actions.